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35,037 Business Has Declared on Bankruptcy in 2015

  • About 50% fail in the first year.
  • Only 5% of business keep operating after five years.
  • 31% of workers have not begun to save for your retirment.
  • Only 42% of the Puerto RIcan have tried to determine how much is needed for their retirement.
  • Over 50% of the assets of the business owners are tied to their business.

Most of the business fail by not:

  • Property plan
  • Monitor your financial statements
  • Monitor your cash flow
  • Financed properly
  • Planning for transition periods
  • They do not understand the tax laws

Tax Saving Option for Incorporated Business

It works for you as a key employee

The ExecBonus plan can:

  • Provide tax-free benefits for beneficiaries.
  • Provide a cash supplement at retirement.

It works for your business

The ExecBonus plan can:

  • Have discretion which employees can participate.
  • Reward key employees with tax-deferred policy growth.
  • Get a deduction on the premiums your business pays.
  • Avoid the liability associated with promised future benefits.

It streamlines administration and reporting

Our LifeComp tracking system incorporates the administration and reporting you need for the ExecBonus plan design. It's so unique it's patented. For a modest annual fee you'll get:

Accounting Reports Ensure the proper premium is billed and shown as a salary expense to the participating employees.
Year - end reports Summarize premiums paid and salary expensed by fiscal year.
Annual reevaluations and reproposals Track the plan's progress with your original plan objectives. View corrective measures for detected shortfails.
Additional services Track ownership rations and participants charging cost ratios.
Post - retirement services (optional) Help retired plank participants monitor withdrawals and loans.